Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday Humor

Some of you may have noticed that I have a new profile picture. There was even a comment about my new haircut (see picture) so I thought I would tell you all my haircut story.

With six kids and a busy schedule, I have trouble making and keeping hair appointments at the "nicer" hair salons. So, in order to at least keep up with the latest trends, I just go to (ok, get ready to cringe) the hair cuttery when I get a window of opportunity.

On my most recent trip there, I decided to get a hairdo change. I wanted my hair to be on the short side in the back and a little longer in the front. I got the new do and loved it, hubby approved as well which was very important.

When it came time for my first trim of the new do, I went back to the same salon. This time I had a cute little Asian woman who didn't speak much English. I told her to trim it.

She said, "yust a little?"
I said, "yea, please just take off a little"

Then the cutting began and I noticed more than a little falling to the ground! After she was done, she reached for the mirror and said to me, "I took a lot off, more stylish!"

What! More stylish! What was she thinking!

Well, the damage was done so I kindly paid for her services and went home. Surprisingly, my husband loves it! I guess it really was more stylish! LOL!


Sue J. said...

I think your hair looks great, too!

As for what the stylist did, that's really tough to swallow, especially as she's working. Sometimes I love it when the stylist takes control--and that's, usually, when I TELL him or her! To have so carefully said "a little" and had it repeated, and then to have something completely different.....

But, as when this happens COUNTLESS times with stuff our kids do, what can you do? Often the best choice is to laugh, pay up and say "You know, it wasn't so bad!"

By the way, did I say your hair looks great?!

Tammy R said...

I like the new look.

I decided to get a new look this summer. I had my long hair cut just above my shoulder and everyone loved.

As my daughter would say "You look sassy!"

Bonita said...

Love the hair! Sorry about the experience with the stylist. We live and we learn.

Chatty Kelly said...

I just love this story! LOL! And it does look very stylish, so she obviously knew her stuff. LOL!!

Great pics!

Edie said...

I love your new hair style. It suits your face well.

Your experience with the hair stylist is why I trim my own hair. That way, if I mess it up, I can be sure I will be much happier with the results of a hairstylist like that. lol.

momstheword said...

I think it looks very pretty but I don't think she should go against your wishes. Last year I had over 18 inches cut off my hair but my hairstylist (a friend) cut it in stages, because she didn't want me to go into "short-shock." I love my hair now, it's a bit below my shoulders, whereas I used to be able to sit on it.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Sonya,
Last time I went to the HAIR SALON IN WALLYWORLD, I go in, and tell her the same as you... and am positively adamant about NONE OFF THE TOP. NONe... I was trying to grow it all out! (I'm in la la land, coz I sorta go in a trance at the hairsalons anyhow.) The whole combing and cutting feels so great I kind of zone out? Then I hear snip snip.. I'm thinking,"WHAT WAS THAT?" Open my eyes and see the scissors at the top of my head cutting... I freaked out and asked, 'ahhh WHAT ARE YOU DOIN?!!!!!" She said, "Oh not to worry, I'm just thinning it a little, you have A LOT of hair!"
BUT BE NOT OFFENDED, AND HOLD NO GRUDGES RIGHT. Just don't ever let that lady trim my hair ever again! haa I paid her but didn't leave a tip. Is that bad?
JUST CURIOUS? I HAVE FUN. BUT I forget what color my hair used to be. heehee- sorry this is so long!

sailorcross said...

I think you haircut looks very nice!! So, maybe the stylist really knew what she was doing.

I had the same experience just yesterday. My hair was about 3 inches above my waist. I went for a "trim"--just a little--all one length.

I'm sitting there, and she's talking away--my hair now just touches my shoulders and has all kinds of layers.

But, you know what? I kind of like it this way. And after all, it's only hair, and it will grow back if we don't like it!!


B His Girl said...

I love your new look. It's fresh. I think you are brave to go with whoever is available to cut your hair though. How funny it is that she ignored what you said and did what she thought was best. I don't think everyone will handle it as well as you did Sonya.

Sharon said...

I love your hair, it looks great on you!! I think we have all gone to one of these type of hair places. But I am going to a upper class one now and have been for 5 years and this guy that would do my hair talked so much and cut,cut and cut, by the time I left I had hair to the back of my neck, and I kept telling him I want it long per my husband, needless to say I finally asked someone else there to do my hair and I now have hair passed my shoulders.

I love you new do :)