Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I love to write, and in doing so, I believe that I am following a calling that God has placed on my life. The calling is to encourage others in their faith.

We need encouragement in every area of our lives. I wanted to pass on a little encouragement to those of you who write.

I receive a monthly magazine called, Christian Communicator. This is a very good magazine and I highly recommend it. In the October issue, there was an article titled, "Preparing for Submission", by Nancy L. Sanders. After going over some basic tips for your article, she says to SUBMIT IT! While that seems obvious, it's a very scary thing to do.

I have submitted 6 articles now. The first one was a "no", and the next one was a "yes"!! I am still waiting to hear on the other four. I've been doing something wrong, though. I've been waiting until I receive a "yes" to celebrate. In her article, Nancy says that once you've submitted the article to CELEBRATE!

Here's what she says, "After you send the manuscript, rejoice. You answered the call God placed on your heart to write this manuscript from beginning to end. You didn't hide your talent by burying the finished piece in your computer. No, you submitted it! You did the best you knew how to do in this season of life, and that's all God asks of you. Spend time rejoicing with the Lord."

She then suggests to kneel and pray, dance for joy, or shout in victory!

So my sweet writer friends, when you finish the article and submit it, that's the time to celebrate!


Sue J. said...

That's really excellent advice, Sonya! Does God call you to write or to get published? Exactly!

But, as with all kinds of submission, yielding to His will can be very difficult. (Maybe I ought to try a dance of joy when I respond properly in my submission trouble spots!? That could be a lot of dancing!!)

Congrats to you on your journey in writing!

Bonita said...

Amen! Celebrate the accomplishment and the courage it took to submit it, regardless of the publication status!

Also, keep that rejection letter you received. If you receive any others (and we hope you don't), keep them in a file. One day when you have a whole slew of articles and published works to your credit, you can show those letters to aspiring writers and they will be greatly encouraged that they aren't the only ones that have ever received a rejection.

Chatty Kelly said...

I love this post! Right on! God calls us to write. Who publishes it, reads it, etc., that is in his hands.

Sharon said...

What a great post, and congrat's!
We love being excepted, and sometimes in our lives we are rejected for onething or another!
But remember God doesn't reject it, because he knows it came from your heart. I am also sure if you shared the rejected ones with us you would see they were never rejected in the first place. I have seen your writings, and they have always touched me and or gave me something to ponder with for the day.
You are a wonderful writer, I love what bonita said about keeping them in a file.

Have a wonderful day my friend

Michelle Palmer said...

Good Morning!
I love far the stories have been kept for family only~ waiting for time to illustrate them & send a complete package to publishers....or even better yet, treasures for my children to follow through with if they so choose. :)
Can only do so much in a day! Teehee
It's so good to celebrate what He has done through us...
Love to read your thoughts~

Robin said...

What a great post Sonya! And congratulations to you!
We write because we have to and God can do with it whatever He pleases.

Edie said...

What great advice Sonya. I'm not a writer but I can apply this to other areas of my life. Also my oldest grandaughter (10) is already working on two *books*. LOL. It is becoming clear to me that she may be called into writing so I love that I am learning things to help her along the way.

Tiffany Stuart said...

Yes, I rejoice with you as you submit and find homes for your words.

May God continue to open wide doors for you to speak into the lives of others.


And a special thank you for your words on my abortion letter post. I appreciate your words.

Kathy S. said...

wonderful encouragement Sonya!
I have a friend I will have to send over here...

momstheword said...

I am not a writer either, but I am happy for you!

Pat said...

Great Words Sonya. What freedom is found in just DOING what God has called us to DO without needing "acceptance". Not onlly is it right, but it is much more FUN!!

Cheryl Barker said...

Congrats, Sonya, on the acceptance -- and for submitting your work! Thanks for the reminder that just getting our work submitted is cause for celebration. Good luck on the rest of your pieces!

Fitts said...

Very, very nice blog! I will be sure to have my wife stop by.

Grace & Peace,

DeAntwan Fitts

B His Girl said...

Way to stick your neck out. I hope your post helps encourage some other writers to submit their work. There is so much talent in the blogging community. I like your new photo. What kind of dance are you doing???

Barb said...

I never thought of it like that, before. God called you to write - not get published and who reads it is up to Him. I've always wondered what I was doing, why was I always writing??... no one was ever going to read it... it's only for me.

Thanks for your perspective.