Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Like You

My kids are so amazing. Each one is unique and different and this is reason to just marvel at God's plan for creation.

The other morning I was drinking my morning glass of milk (actually rice milk) and taking my vitamins when I noticed that my youngest (3yo) Tiffany was standing next to me with her glass of milk. The funny thing was that every time I took another vitamin and placed it into my mouth, she would "pretend" to grab a vitamin and put it into her mouth. So sweet and innocent at this age, they completely want to be like you.

Now another child, an older sibling, was having trouble completing all their schoolwork on a daily basis. This child is struggling with focusing and completing all that is required. I've been praying about how to encourage and motivate this child. I feel that they aren't making best use of their time each day.

It was during one of my times with the Lord that He said, "are you imitating proper time management for your child?" OUCH!! This isn't about me, it's about my child, right?? WRONG!

Have you ever noticed that the word child appears nowhere in the word PARENTING? Instead the word PARENT is stuck in the middle. God was showing me that if there is an issue with a child, look no further than Mom or Dad to find out if they are properly modeling right behaving for them.

I have some serious planning to do this weekend to prepare for Monday morning. I'll be getting up when my alarm clock goes off and I'll be making the best use of my time so that I can "model" proper behavior for my precious child. May they follow suit!


sailorcross said...

Ah!! I see you have seen my list. That was only a portion of it. But, I find when I have a lot to do, and it begins to make me feel overwhelmed--I make a list--in order of priority. Then, when each task is completely, I cross it off--a feeling of accomplishment.

I, too, get up before my alarm. Too many years of habit of doing so.

This is what I'm trying to do also--model proper behavior--my children are grown--but they still need the "model". Parenting is a job that God has given us for our lifetime.


Barb said...

Ouch!! I don't like your admonition!! I don't want it to be my fault. LOL.

Thanks for a timely reminder...AGAIN - this is something God has been kindly, but consistently, putting in front of me regarding my 12 yr old son.

Sue J. said...

When you spend as much time with your children as you and I do, it's no wonder God chooses to speak through them, sometimes. We might miss that discipline or misinterpret it if it came through something else.

Having said that, how I feel overwhelmed sometimes with trying to be the "model." Knowing I'm inadequate, and slips are often picked up on quicker than I can ask forgiveness for them, all bring me back to God to ask Him to continue to be their guide, in spite of my parenting.

Just another part of His plan I don't completely understand; He does work things out, though!

Bonita said...

I had a similar incident recently when I was praying about my daughter's lack of exercise. The Lord laid it on my heart that if I would model a regular exercise regime for her, she might catch on better. Ouch!

You are not alone. I'm right there with you ready to get back on top of my time management on Monday morning.

Isn't it kind of scary to think that our kids are modeling us all the time, even when we aren't on our best behavior. I'm just thankful that we have an awesome role model to follow ourselves.

Chatty Kelly said...

What can I say, except Amen. Parenting is hard work. But it's when they mimic the good things, that it makes it all worth while! :D

On Purpose said...

I am so glad for these words today, thank you for allowing God to speak them through you and be willing to share this.

May I be doing what needs to be mimiced in our house today!

Sharon said...

Wow parenting can be difficult at times. Yes they watch and copy us everyday.
Have a great week my friend