Sunday, July 31, 2011


"I feel like I'm going to burst!" said my big sister. "God wants me to share something with you, but I've never done this before so here goes: You are about to move into the ministry you were created for." She said to me.

I'm a wife and homeschool mom to SIX children. I thought.  I'm sure I already know what my calling is.

She continued, "You are going to see many doors open to you and you'll think, 'this is weird' but walk through them." She finished.

"Okay then, thanks?" I said to my sister.

The year was 2008. My entire life was consumed with homeschooling six beautiful children, and loving on my husband.  But much of that was about to change.

When someone prophecies over you, it's hard to know what to think.  In the past, it has been a confirmation of something already in my heart, but this time was strange.  It was as if God was telling me to prepare for change - but with no clue what to look for.  I began to pray for wisdom.

Within a week, my close friend told me she started a blog.  I had never heard of a blog and asked her to explain it to me.  After checking hers out and realizing it didn't cost any money, I quickly started one. How fun!  I thought. A place to write my thoughts.  I began growing my blog and writing, writing, writing.

Next, my friend invited me to attend a writing conference with her called She Speaks.  After looking into the conference I found it to be full.  With nothing to lose, I put my name on the waiting list and prayed.  "Lord, if it's your will, please let the doors open."

The next day, I had an email sitting in my inbox saying I was in.  That was too fast!  I hadn't even mentioned it to my husband yet!  Prompted by my friend and the Holy Spirit, I called him at work and told him everything.  To my surprise he told me to sign up!!!

Suddenly, I remembered the prophecy given by my sister.  Writing doors were opening up and I kept thinking, "This is weird."  Now I wondered what was next...

To be continued...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She Speaks 2011

I'm participating in a Meme, thanks to Chatty Kelly!  If you went to She Speaks 2011, write a blog post answering these questions and link up over at her blog.

When I signed up to attend She Speaks 2011, I didn't know what to expect.  I had no real goals in attending, other than to have fun with my friend, Kelly Combs.  But God knew exactly what He was doing when he had me sign up!  He knew it was time to move my ministry into the next level.

As I packed for the conference, I had this analogy: 11 years ago, I was packing to go give birth to my son, and on the first day of the conference, I was wondering if I would be giving birth to a new ministry. God did exactly that!  He took a two year old dream of a ministry called Titus 2 and I believe birthed it in me!  Just as a newborn is frail and doesn't do much at first, my ministry is new and frail.  I know the next step to take but don't know what it will look like, or be like when it's full-grown, similar to a newborn baby.

Now here are some questions from the Meme:

1. Best Advice.  I learned a lesson over the course of the weekend.  Four different times, women told how they had to give up or say "no" to something they wanted because God told them to.  They had to fight the flesh but made the right choice.  All four times, God exponentially blessed them with a huge return at a later time.  I'm not going to give things up or say "no" to receive something, but rather it showed me that obedience is the most important thing, and that God does have our best interest in His mind.

2. Best lesson learned in a session.  Lysa Terkeurst taught about having a "sticky point" that you weave throughout your talk.  This is going to be the phrase they take away with them!  I LOVE THAT!  I will use this advice in my future talks.

3. What are you going to do with what you learned?  What's your next step?  I am going to do a few things.  First I will expand and polish two speeches I have in my heart.  Next I will work on my "brand" or ministry focus.  After that, I plan to look for opportunities to use my talks to encourage women!

4. Anything else you want to share?  I participated in a speaker evaluation group. The focus of my evaluations became my "melodic" voice and that I was fun to watch.  I was surprised about these two strengths, and realized when my six children were younger and I home schooled, I read to them a lot.  In order to make the books interesting, I learned how to vary my voice and really get into the characters.  At the time, I never dreamt this would be "training" for a future ministry!  God has shown me how everything that happens in my life is part of His plan for my future!  

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Decisions, Decisions!

"I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude. It is more important than my past, my education, my bankroll, my successes or failures, fame or pain, what other people think of me or say about me, my circumstances, or my position. Attitude keeps me going or cripples my progress. It alone fuels my fire or assaults my hope. When my attitudes are right, there is no barrier too high, no valley too deep, no dream too extreme, no challenge too great for me." --Charles Swindoll (Bold Mine)

I love this quote - and I hate it!

Choice of attitude is simple, yet it requires action on my part.  My human instincts are to go with the circumstances, let my moods flow freely with my surroundings.  But I will lose every battle this way.

To choose to be satisfied in all circumstances is powerful, but in my own strength I am not capable of making this decision every time.  How about you?  Do you always choose the right attitude in every circumstance?

Is all hope lost?  Absolutely Not!  Lets look at what the Bible says:

1 Corinthians 12:9 (KJV) "And he said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

Paul wrote this after receiving a thorn in his flesh.  While we don't know exactly what the thorn was, it certainly stood as a constant reminder of his need for Christ.  He had a decision.  Let the constant pain bring him down, or decide to lean on God and have a good attitude.  He, of course, chose the latter, but only with Christ's help.

We, too can choose the right attitude every time, if we learn to lean on Christ at all times.

How can we lean on God?  By reading and memorizing scriptures as well as daily communion with Him in prayer and praise.

Today, I choose to lean on Christ for the right attitude.  May my weaknesses bring Him glory as I give it all to Him!