Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guilty As Charged

It was a normal school day at our house. I was sitting at the homeschool table with my school aged children, and my 3 year old was playing by herself. Unannounced to me, she wandered into her big sisters room and got into trouble.

When her sister finally went into her room she came out to report that someone had taken four pieces of her chewing gum. Since all of the other children had been with me, we knew there could only be one person guilty. When she sought out my 3 year old to ask her if she did it, her response was, "NO".

A few minutes later, when my 10 year old went to put on her shoes, she came out hysterically laughing. We asked her what was so funny, and she said, "look, someone put chewed up gum in my shoes!"

Knowing who the guilty party was, we now had the evidence we needed to do some disciplining! She denied it until we showed her the shoes with the gum inside.

Oh how I could relate to this. How many times have I sinned and thought, no one saw me so I don't need to confess to it. However, God sees all things and in due time the evidence usually surfaces to charge us as guilty. Thankfully, we have the blood of Jesus to wash us clean and take our guilt away.

After all of this, there was reconciliation, and I cleaned out the shoes - good as new. LOL!!


Nicole said...

Sonya, I really appreciate how you are commited to take time to self evaluate your life. This is so refreshing! I am also thankful for the blood of Jesus to take away my guilt and make me clean. There is power in the blood! I feel a song coming on....

Be blessed,

Chatty Kelly said...

That is so funny - She was a chewing maniac - 4 pieces! And why on earth in her sister's shoes! LOL!

Well, I'm glad you were able to give her the appropriate discipline, and that you were able to share with us your great analogy.

Melinda said...

Both hilarious and poignant!

My Wednesday Girls and I were having a discussion just this past Wednesday about guilt. One girl told a story of when she was six and stole a tube of lipgloss. No one knew that she stole it, but when she got home with it she became paranoid that her mom would find out. So, she hid it in her closet, and there it stayed - unused - for TWO YEARS!! Every time she opened that closet door she felt fear and guilt until she finally confessed. She used that story to teach her own six-year-old son the value of just coming clean at the beginning and saving himself the agony!

Aren't you glad we have kids to remind us of the lessons we still need to continue learning? :o)


Tiffany Stuart said...

I've tagged you!

momstheword said...

Such a valuable lesson to be learned at such a young age. Funny how that "no" just pops out of their mouth. What a blessing for these little ones to own up and confess and receive forgiveness and restoration, so that they learn how much easier it is to confess rather than live the lie.

sailorcross said...

A simple offense, really. But, she felt her conscious tugging at her.

And the shoes? I wonder what she was thinking about then?

A lesson to be learned for your youngest and for all of us.