Monday, November 2, 2009

Lead by Example

The other day I took my four year old daughter, Tiffany to the grocery store. As I helped her out of the car I noticed that she had her purse in one hand and her pretend cell phone held up to her ear with the other hand.

How cute, she looks just like me, I thought.  As I began to try talking with her, she responded, "Mom, I'm on the phone." Wait! That wasn't so cute... to read more click here...


Julie Gillies said...

Oh no, Sonya! I started reading this post but the link you posted to read more doesn't work.

I'll come back later, and hopefully I'll get to see what happened with your cutie-pie Tiffany and her fake cell phone. :)

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

It's working now, Julie. Sorry about that. Love! Sonya

Yolanda said...

So thankful that God allows us to have glimpses into who we have become and allow Him to gently change us.


PS: I think also that when I become real and vulnerable with others the devil really doesn't have a hold on me in that area as I've brought it out to the Light.

Heart2Heart said...


This is very eye opening. Our children have no other real life role models than parents. We need to be careful of our actions and not just our words. Our children see everything.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Warren Baldwin said...

The site looks great, Sonya.