Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday #43

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! If you'd like to participate, just copy the T.T. button on my sidebar and paste it into your post. Next write down five things you are thankful for this week. Finally, come back here and link up with Mr. Linky. It's that easy!

Here's my list for this week:

1) I am thankful that my husband encourages me to do the things that I enjoy. He has studied who I was over the years and he always seems to know when to push me to do something (like sing in the praise band) and when not to.

2) I am thankful for my extended family. We all live in the same town and being there for one another is great. I enjoy just hanging out with each one of you!

3) I am thankful that my new neighborhood Bible study is starting up today! I can't wait to get to know other ladies and grow in the Lord together.

4) I am thankful for coffee breaks. We all need them (even if you don't drink java) throughout the day. They are the little moments of peace and rest that we need to take each day. It's how I get rejuvenated.

5) I am thankful for this blog and all of you!! When my Dad's days here on earth were finished and he unexpectedly stepped into heaven it was so encouraging to come here and find so many encouraging comments! I was blown away by the love. I treasure each one of you and what you have to say.


Kelly Combs said...

I"m thankful for a SPECIAL coffee break tomorrow! See you then!

Anonymous said...

I just participated in the Thankful Thursday and while life it self pulls us in many directions I thought why not reflect on the things I have to be thankful for. I am new to the blogging world so I am looking forward to the many more posts that I add to my site as well as reading posts by those I am following. Have a wonderful day!

Nana Jul said...

May your bible study be blessed today! And I am thankful for coffee breaks too! They are like a breath of fresh air!!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Wonderful list Sonya as I take my first coffee break of the day!!

Sharon said...

Yes Thankful for those coffee breaks, and Thankful you are here!
I love what you wrote about your husband. Have fun with the Bible Study :)

Have a Blessed and Thankful Thursday :)


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Neighbourhood Bible study sounds like a fantastic idea! What a great hubby you have! I have often toyed with the idea of a bible study for young mums (incl myself ) in our Church but we have so many different meetings go on!
Love Collette xx

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

Yay for Bible Studies! My once a month Ladies Class starts up this week! I am blessed to be able to lead this group in a great study!

Andrea said...

I am thankful for the ministry GOD has developed through each of our blogs. It still amazes me.
Blessings and continued prayers, andrea

Heart2Heart said...


It truly is something to be thankful for that you have created this Thankful Thursday for us to reflect on just how much God has blessed us over the week! You are one amazing lady and I am so glad that you are part of my family.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Greg C said...

I want more coffee. I know, I know i'm late but better late than never.

skoots1mom said...

headed to the coffee pot now :)

Samantha said...

Beautiful list, thank you for being such a blessing to me !

Alicia said...

How nice to have family close by. I wish my sister still lived in CA!

I am so thankful for blogging too!!

sarah said...

I'm thankful for blogs like this that help me focus on the great things in life instead of the problems. Blessings. Sarah

Sandy said...

Sonya, Thank you again for your blog. I love Thankful Thursday!

LAURIE said...

It was great to meet you Sonya and glad that you stopped by our TT site. It is always a blessing to me to share with others the goodness of God and I so look forward to Thursdays as we share our grateful hearts with one another.-blessings!

2Thinks said...

Sonya, I sure enjoy reading the Thankfuls- great meme idea.

Am I missing something? A coffee break or something like that? Where is it? Just curious.


Lea said...

Hey Sonya,
I forgot to link to you earlier tonight.

I enjoyed reading your list.
Bless your joyful and thankful heart.


Lisa said...

My week just felt like something was missing..., it was Thankful Thursday! I'm glad to be able to go back and catch up on everyones thankfulness. Thank You for being a faithful host!
Blessings ~ Lisa