Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Get-away to Norfolk, Virginia

Tim and I had the chance to get away (just the two of us!) for 5 days and 4 nights to Norfolk, and then Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This picture was the view from our hotel in Norfolk. We were overlooking the Elizabeth River and the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. I enjoyed watching the barge's, tugboats, and ships coming in and out of the area.

The second night we were there, we went out on The Spirit of Norfolk. This is a dinner cruise where the wait staff actually entertains you with singing and dancing! Loads of fun - great buffet, too!

This ship is so big that it didn't even feel as if we were on water until it turned around, and even that was only a little motion. This was well worth the effort for the entertainment we had.

Another great attraction is the USS Wisconsin. This is actually parked next to Nauticus and is a free exhibit. This is the same ship that fired the first shots in Dessert Storm a few years back. Here are two pictures:

On our last day in Norfolk, we went on a cruise to see the Naval Shipyard. This was an awesome tour and if you ever get a chance to come to Norfolk, VA (and I hope you do!) please make the effort to take this tour! Here are some pictures of the tour and the Navy ships we saw:

This is a picture of the USS Cole (The smaller ship in the picture on the top right) which was damaged in a terrorist attack in Yemin a few years ago. Sailors were killed during the attack. Quite sobering.

This was an awesome sight, an air craft carrier! This enormous ship cost 5 billion dollars to build and it has 2 nuclear power sources aboard so that at top speed it can soar at 55mph through the seas! Now that would be a sight to see!

We hope to come back to Norfolk, Virginia and next time with the kids.


SusanD said...

Looks like you and the hubs had a great time. So glad you were able to get away. I know it doesn't happen often. Blessings, SusanD

A Lady Called Amy said...

I lived in Norfolk/VA Beach for almost a year right after high school. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever known. So glad you got to enjoy it and the things it has to offer! Thanks for sharing the pictures. It brings back a lot of good memories!

Yolanda said...

Now that was an interesting weekend. Blessings to you!


Greg C said...

Whooo Hooo, Go Navy and Go Sonya and Family. Maybe we will visit there some day.

Julie Gillies said...

How fun, Sonya! Isn't it wonderful to just get away? Awesome views from your hotel window!

My brother was in the navy and stationed there in Virginia many years ago. Thanks for the wonderful pics!

Have a blessed week.

Heart2Heart said...


SO glad that you and hubby got the opportunity to get away for some just you two time. I know we seriously need to do that very soon!

I love all the ships you visited and especially the naval shipyard. It truly would be amazing seeing an aircraft carrier going along at 55 mph.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

skoots1mom said...

aircraft carriers are definitely 'cities on the sea'
what a fun time!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved your pictures...and sounds like a great trip

Bonita said...

I'm glad the two of you got some time away together.

Jane In The Jungle said...

What a great place to vist...especially first time going without the kids!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Navy Ships...My sis in law is in the Navy and was stationed on the USS Kennedy until it was retired a few years back...We were able to take a tour of was great...they also had a couple of Submarines there that day too...I know that you had fun-God Bless

Leslie said...

Are you really trying to make me homesick? I've been on the Spirit of Norfolk at least 3 times for different parties. I used to work on the 9th floor of the big building right next to Waterside (where there are a bunch of restaurants and shops). I used to walk along the water there and have my lunch several times a week! We used to go to different festivals down there, too. Oh, how I long to move back!

Glad you had a wonderful time! Hope you're doing well. I haven't had as much time to "visit" my bloggy friends lately!

Love and Hugs, Leslie