Sunday, October 12, 2008

River of Life

Isaiah 48:18 Oh that you had paid attention to My commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.

Have you ever wondered why God talks about our peace being like a river here? If you've ever been to a river, they don't seem peaceful. The water is flowing, moving and there are currents and sounds and life teaming everywhere. So, why then didn't he say that our peace would be like a pond?

Ponds tend to be quiet and still. Sometimes, they can also become stagnant and turn bad. I think that God's point here is that when we are reaping these benefits from Him, we are supposed to share it with others. He never intended for us to be alone and quiet about the things He is doing in our hearts. We are supposed to be like rivers, constantly flowing into and over the lives of those who we touch.

Have a great week, and try to let the river of God's peace and love flow through you into the lives of others.


Nicole said...

You have a good week too and thanks for the encouragement in this post!


Chatty Kelly said...

This was a new verse for me! I'd heard the song "I've Got Peace Like a River" and never knew what it meant. Thanks for sharing!!

Have a great week, and I hope you have a peaceful, wonderful, fabulous river of a week!

Melinda said...

Now THAT was a fabulous word! Wonderful analogy and explanation of "peace like a river".

Thanks for that, and blessings to you this night!


Sharon said...

This is a great post, at first when I read the first paragraph, I thought nooo I don't feel that way, then when I read the second paragraph and you said pond, I had already thought those are stagnant, and when reading on, you said the same. I surely do not want to have a pond in my life, I would rather have the river flowing with water falls. I always want God flowing in my life, and to so others might see as well.

Hope you have a great week as well!
Thank's I will think about this thought all week. :)

Edie said...

Very insightful explanation Sonya. Have a great week!

GratefulinGA said...

Really enjoyed your post, love that peace like a river!

Glad you stopped by so I could discover you over here.


Bonita said...

Great analogy and very pretty picture. I think God also wants us to understand that peace isn't only available during the quiet moments of life, but right in the middle of a very active life we can still have inner peace.

Katy Lin :) said...

amen, and thanks for the encouragement! i was reading your partial profile and saw that you adopted from Russia! i spent two summers there working with children from orphanages!!! also - my mom loves shaklee products :) thanks for stopping by - it's great to meet you!

Tiffany Stuart said...


"We are supposed to be like rivers, constantly flowing into and over the lives of those who we touch."

I'm with you, sister.

Thank you for sharing. And an extra thank you for your comment and visit today.

Nice to meet you.

American in Norway said...

Just wanted to pop by & welcome you to SITS...welcome to the club!