Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cats or Dogs?

We had a very interesting Sunday school class yesterday. The pastor was talking about theology. I've heard of several different types of theology before, like monotheism, atheism, etc., but this one was new.

He said that most Christians either have cat theology or dog theology. This perked up my ears and I was anxious to hear what he had to say.

He started with cat theology. Apparently, when a cat receives lots of love and attention and food, they then think, "I must be god!".

When a dog receives an abundance of love and attention they think, "You must be god."

I own both cats and dogs, and I am here to say that I agree wholeheartedly with these analogies. Here's how it relates to you and I:

Most Christians either believe that if they are getting lots of good things in life and attention, they must be god. Or, they think that because of the love and blessings that they've received, they are devoted to the one true God.

The interesting thing is that most Christians are reportedly cats in their theology. I am guessing they are the ones who are out there in the lime light and that would become a tempting way to believe.

I want to have dog theology. I want to see blessings in my life and instead of viewing myself as important at all, give all of the glory and loyalty back to God!

What's it going to be with you? Cat theology, or Dog theology?


Edie said...

I couldn't help but laugh at the Truth of this theology! I have to admit that I have held both theologies at times. I have been praying a lot that God would remove my inclination to "the cat theology."

Chatty Kelly said...

I've heard this theology presented in another way. Both the dog & cat believe, but the dog believes because he wants a relationship and the cat believes because he doesn't want to go to hell.

Both are Christians, but the dog has a better more enriched relationship with God.

In either analogy, Dogs rule, cats drool. I never thougth I'd say "I want to be a dog." but well, you get the idea.

Bonita said...

We've had both cats and dogs and I can so related to this theology. The dog thought of us as "my owners", but the cat thinks of us as "the people I own".

I think my theology is a little different. I tend to be like the cat, only I find myself thinking, "I must be being good because I'm so blessed" and when times are harder I think, "What am I doing wrong here to be going through this?" I hate to admit it, but I get caught up in my own works a lot more than I should.

Julie Gillies said...


This made me laugh out loud! We own both a cat and a dog...and I hope and pray that I always have the heart of a dog who knows WHO is God.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

I wanna be a dog too. LOL I MEAN... a dog theology. ~ I truly related to what BONITA wrote up above, and was even TAUGHT that... for awhile about if your'e GOOD... then you must be doing good, and if things are going bad, I must be living wrong.* My stepdad even still says that. All of it can mess with my head! THANK GOD... HE IS THE GOD WHO LOVES US AND EXTENDS MERCY AND GRACE HUH?!! WHOOhOOO I want to have that dog theology you wrote about. ;)
Blessings to you my friend! I love the colors on your blog... so HAPPY!

B His Girl said...

Interesting Sonya, although I'm not sure I totally get it. I bet a lot of ears perked up at this theology. Maybe I should bark just in case : )

Sue J. said...

We don't have a real dog. We have a fake dog that looks very real.

Now there's a frightening picture of someone's faith!

The whole lovable puppy who strays away from home because he is undisciplined strikes a note of truth. Old dogs just want to curl up at the feet or side of their master.

Yeah....and you can't teach an old dog new tricks--NOT TRUE!

So good seeing you!!

Pinkshoelady said...

I loved this!
My husband says this to us often to remind us that even in our service to God... "It is not about you. Its all about Him!"

Thank you

I want to be a dog and since I am really a small petie woman I'll be a Saint Bernard! OOOPs its not about me!

Love you my friend