Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Right Attitude

My last post was called, Do Hard Things. It focused on how we need to persevere during tough times because it's only through the pain that we will see any growth.

What role does our attitude play in all of this? I think it is paramount. We have to train our minds to have the right attitude or we've lost the battle.

If you've spent any time here at my blog, you know I homeschool my six children. This is NOT an easy task and recently I've been stuck in a rut. The Lord showed me that I had begun to allow negative thoughts to creep into my mind and it was sabotaging my joy and peace.

I immediately changed my attitude toward homeschooling and instead of feeling overwhelmed and panicky, I now have a peace about the whole thing again! Phew! I am so thankful for God's prodding and encouragement. His peace is a peace that does forgo our human understanding, but it is so very real!

If you are in the midst of a difficult situation, check your attitude to make sure it lines up with the Word of God!

Luke 11:17 But knowing their thoughts, He said to them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation. And a house divided against a house falls.

This is an interesting verse. I believe that when we allow negative thoughts like, "I can't do this anymore," then we are a house divided and we won't stand for long.


Edie said...

I had to pray for a renewed attitude this evening over something I didn't want to do and feeling a bit used. I'm so glad God helps us to overcome bad attitudes when we are willing to cooperate with Him.

sailorcross said...

Hi Sonya!!

I love the verse you choose to go along with this post. This is just so true. I pray daily for a renewed attitude about my work situation and so does a friend of mine who works with me.

About 20-30 minutes into the day, we usually look at each other, and one of us will say, "Are we being tested?"

Maybe my work is a test or maybe I need to really pray and examine the implications of my work and move on. God will lead and direct me. This I know.


Chatty Kelly said...

I have learned to be content in all, not me. Paul. But I could follow that guy's advise for sure. Yours too! Attitude is everything. Thanks for sharing.

See you SOON!!!!

Sharon said...

Oh this is something my hubby and I talk about alot, We are always saying to one another "Is this a test?" are we being tested! We need to pray about this.
But I do understand how some things can steal our joy, and especially when the stinkin thinkin comes into play. I am so glad you overcame yours, and you have joy again.
Blessings to you and your family
Have a terrific weekend

Sue J. said...

And sometimes, getting to the root of the attitude is finding the larger root of some other sin that is plaguing everything else. Regardless, it's a call for me to pray and work through the tangled mess to get to the place of renewal...and that, not on my power, knowledge or strength.

On Purpose said...

Asking Him to keep all useless, not needed, and negative thoughts captive.

momstheword said...

II Cor. 10:5 (taking our thoughts captive for Christ) and Phil. 4:8 (what to think about) are two verses that I absolutely love for transforming our thought lives. I sometimes get on my kids for their attitudes, and yet, I know that my attitude bears watching too. I just figure that if God is going to lead me thru it, anyway, then I might as well go thru it joyfully trusting Him, rather than kicking and screaming all the way!

momstheword said...

Nice to "meet" you, Sonya! I enjoy meeting new people too!


Debra said...

Hi Sonya,
Oh, I'm so glad you went through it, and passed the test. I do remember so many times feeling alone in my homeschooling-and truly, we WERE alone most of the years we did it. No support groups were close enough, or if we drove the 30 miles to get to one, it was NOT the one we belonged in. So we pretty much did it on our own. I have a great son to prove it worked. God filled in all the blanks, and made up for our flubs and bad attitudes. Did I do a perfect job? No way. But I gave it all to Him, and He is blessing me with grace to forget those bad times, and move on toward the mark...Thank God for new tomorrows.
Love, Debra

Michelle Palmer said...

Hi Sonya~
So glad you stopped by & said hello...I'm looking forward to looking through your sweet blog!
I love to make journals...the more visual bits I can tuck inside...the more it feels like me & the more time I spend journaling.
I have several friends that home school. My son & I shared a year of home schooling. We had held them both an extra year in preschool because of late birthdays~ it worked great for our daughter who has always been advanced...but our son was always advanced & FRUSTRATED with slow lessons. When he got a teacher that was not challenging we saw weight gain, nail biting etc. ~ we tried to have him moved up a was a brick wall. So we brought him home & he had an awesome year. He skipped a up with his own age group & excelling. We prayed every day that it was the right decision & God has blessed him & us~ It is a challenging "job" ...but I am so amazed at how much material he could learn! You're giving your children such a wonderful gift! Even when you're tired & weary, you're putting heart into them...six! Wow!
Thanks again for visiting!
Best wishes with your journal~

celestina marie said...

Hi Sonya, so very nice to meet you and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment.
Your post is very encouraging and so very true. We all, at some point, have to regroup with our attitudes making sure they are in tune with God's direction. Like reading a map to see if we are on the right road. If not, then adjustments have to be made. We are always learning.
The Proverbs verse on your side bar~has always been my favorite and I try and think of this everyday.
So enjoyed my visit and hope to see you again soon.
Have a great weekend.
Blessings, Celestina
la rea rose