Friday, October 17, 2008


Today is my 16th wedding anniversary. This is a picture of us petting a tiger on our way home from one of our many anniversary get aways.

We have had some of the best times over the past 16 years. My husband is a very attentive man and my needs are always met. Don't get me wrong, we do have our share of ups and downs, it's just that he loves me and he is committed to me. (I, too love him and am committed to him.)

God has been the foundation for our marriage from day one. That has been the glue that has kept us bonded in marriage. We've been there for each other through some very tough sicknesses, and broken ankles. We've loved each other through the birth of 5 babies, and the adoption of one daughter.

We've traveled quite a bit over the past 16 years. We love to just get away for 2 nights and be alone. God has graced us with two very loving extended families, who don't seem to mind watching our clan while we go off.

We've been to Russia for 14 days to adopt our precious Valerie. The entire adoption process was a challenge, but well worth it!

We've also been through job changes, and pregnancy scares.

We've walked our children through life for the past 12 years.

We've walked beside one another through tragedy, and even through several moves and church changes.

Now, with our family complete and our lives speeding before our eyes, we must stop and reflect on the past 16 years.

My sweet husband, I love you more today than ever! You are my hero, and my confidant, my lover and my best friend. You are the father of my children, I am so thankful for you! May we continue to be privileged enough to spend the next 50 years together! I can't wait to blog about our grandchildren. :)


Sharon said...

Happy Anniversary,
I agree we must slow down, life today is just to fast!
Have fun and enjoy in all you two do.
Blessings to you both

On Purpose said...

Happy Anniversary Sonya and husband! What an amazing example you are setting for your children!

Tammy R said...

Happy Anniversary,I pray that God will keep you both in the palm of His hand.

Chatty Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary Sweet Friend! May you be blessed with years and years and years more together!!!!

Pinkshoelady said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a beautiful legacy of faith and love!

Your heart speaks volumes on your love for God and your sweet husband.

Thank you for the example!


Edie said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both. May God bless you with many more wonderful memories.

I LOVE the tiger photo. Oh God's creatures just shout His Majesty all over!

Have a great time celebrating!

Nicole said...

Happy anniversary!!! What a great tribute to you two! Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating the past 16 years!!!


Nicole said...'re brave to pet that tiger. There must of been some zoo help or something close by?

~Trish~ said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week :)

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

I just love anniversaries!


Bonita said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you've had a wonderful marriage. What a testimony!

Devita said...

Happy anniversary!!!!! I am happy for you both!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hey I just found this post about your Anniversary! Congratulions! It sounds like God's really led you together through quite a journey! It blessed me that you shared it with us!
The photo really got my attention. GIRL... ARE YOU REALLY PETTING THAT THING?!!!!!! OHMIGOSH... the HAIR stood up on my neck, looking at it... DO YOU REALIZE THERE IS SLACK IN HIS CHAIN????? I think I've watched too many animal attack movies on animal planet and so forth. You are BRAVE.. VERY BRAVE!