Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thankful Thursday #55

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! If you'd like to participate, just copy the T.T. button on my sidebar and paste it into your post. Next write down five things you are thankful for this week. Finally, come back here and link up with Mr. Linky. It's that easy!

Here's my list for this week:

1) I am thankful that my husband was able to take three of my kids flying! It was a flying club and it was FREE! They were able to go up twice and took some amazing pictures. (This is the pilot and my three kids next to the plane they flew in!)

2) I am thankful for a display of God's glory in nature. I woke up one morning this week to ice on the cars. When I went outside I saw this amazing "snowflake" on the front of my truck!

3)  I am thankful for a good Thanksgiving.  This was the first time we celebrated a holiday since my dad went home to be with the Lord in August.  It was a challenging day, but God helped us all see the joy in being together as a family.  (This was one of 4 tables we set up - there were over 30 of us!)

4) I am thankful that we were able to pick out our Christmas tree over the weekend. This is the tallest tree we've ever had at over 9ft. tall. Having such a big den is a real blessing. (This is Dad and Ashley with brown bear searching for the perfect tree.)

5) I am thankful that November is a big birthday month in my family. In my family we have 7 birthdays, on my husband's side we have an additional 2. Two of our own children turned 11 this month. (Stephanie is on the left and Valerie is on the right.) 


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Love these photos! The snowflake is amazing! Your children are beautiful. So much to be thankful for.
Love Collette xxx

LivingforGod said...

I enjoyed reading your list and looking at your photos. Your girls are so pretty. One of my boys turned 11 in Oct.

Have a blessed day in the Lord!

sarah said...

HI Sonya, this is a great list and I love that car - your girls are beautiful. Sarah

Nana Jul said...

I really liked your photo thanks today! You have a beautiful family! The holidays are especially when you miss someone. But the Lord will show you his wonders...just like the snowflake on your truck! He's so good to us!
Great list Sonya!

Heckety said...

I love the patterns of frost on cars!And 30 people for Thanksgiving? I am thankful for people who open their homes at holiday times- having both received and given at various times.
Looking at your choice of Thankfuls for this week perhaps you won't mind too much that I went off on a tangent for mine??

Yolanda said...

It is so neat to see pictures, and what a cool treat for your children to go up in the airplane. Precious memories!!!!

Greg C said...

Awesome list today Sonya. We got a huge tree this year too. I will have to post a photo of it soon.

Rebecca said...

you have a lovely blog and a beautiful family. may i ask how you found your way to my blog? thanks so much for stopping by!

how fun to go flying in an airplane. i know my oldest would LOVE that!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Very Nice. I love the images. See mine here: TF Post

Lea said...

Beautiful pictures!
AND I'VE NEVER seen a hood ornament like that! GOOOO GOD!
Holykisses Sweet Sonya!
And thankyou for hosting this fun meme! It really means alot to me.
I look forward to it and the times I have not been able to participate it bummed me out!

Nancy M. said...

What great blessings! The snowflake picture is really neat!

sweet_shelo said...

A very thankful Thursday for you indeed!!! You have beautiful children..

Mine is here:

Lori said...

I love your list and I also love all your pictures.

Cheryl Barker said...

How wonderful that you get to enjoy such a big tree!

Wanted to let you know that I finally got around to updating my "blogs to check out" list on my blog and added your link.

Have a blessed Christmas season!

~ Dawn ~ said...

What a beautful family you have! What a cool "snowflake" on your car. Truly amazing!

Christine said...

You do have a lot to be thankful for and thank you for sharing.