Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Right Gift

On Monday, Dec. 7, I will be a guest blogger over at Eternity Cafe.  Susan, has cast a vision for 40 days of focus on God.  This is a great way to prepare for the celebration of Jesus' birth.  Stop by her blog to be encouraged daily during this advent time.

40 Day Focus

Only 18 days remain until Christmas!  Have I bought the right gifts?  Have I made my lists, and checked them twice?  These are common thoughts for many of us right now.  We need to make Christmas special and memorable, right?

Wait!  Whose birthday is it, anyhow?  Most likely it's not someone in your family or circle of friends.  It's Jesus' birthday.  So where is He on your list?  After all, it is His birthday.  Shouldn't He be on your list?

I know that in today's society we are pressured to make a list of loved ones and to put down the perfect gift idea for each one.  But what if we put the name Jesus first under each loved ones name.  Next, pray and ask what God would want you to give that person.  I'm not talking about material things here.  No, I'm talking about relational gifts.

Here are a few examples:

Christmas List:

1) My husband
a. Jesus - Pack his lunch at least once per week with a love note.

2) My daughter (toddler)
a. Jesus - Plan a play date for just the two of you and play what she wants to play.

3)  My daughter (teen)
a. Jesus - Go online together to find a child to sponsor (this was her desire for Christmas this year). Then take her shopping to buy gifts for that child.

4) My daughter (tween)
a. Jesus - Put a love note from God (He inspired me to write love notes based on scriptures. If you are interested in them you can contact me) under her pillow every Monday this month.

5) My son
a. Jesus - Spend the time to read the Bible with him two nights per week.

These are a few examples from my own Christmas list. As I study the Bible, I find that God is not interested in the material things that we can give as much as the relational things.  He is all about relationships and we need to put those at the top of our lists.

I pray that God will lead you and guide you this holiday season as you remember that relationships are far more important than material things.


Cathy said...

A great idea ~ Jesus is the reason for the season.

Charlotte said...

You're so right. Relational things are so much more important than physical things. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Ginger said...

This is a wonderful idea! I'm so glad you shared this today.
God Bless,

Denise said...

Such a good idea.

Jean said...

What a terrific Mom you must be! Merry Christmas, Sonya.


Greg C said...

I am trying to find some special gifts to give this year in the name of Jesus. I hope he likes what I give.

Kelly Combs said...

What a wonderful idea, Sonya. You are a blessing. :-)

Lea said...

This is the most wonderful idea!!!
I'm making it a point to do this very thing today Sonya.... making my Jesus list. How different worldly gifts are to Jesus' gifts. TIME... RELATIONSHIPS,....really really loving people.
I'm so happy you shared this.

godsown said...

Sonya i came here to tell you that i mention you and your blog today

And i leave your blog more blessed than you can imagine after reading your post....Wat an great and special idea to make this list!
I know it was in God's plan to let me read this.....because my heart was a little "crumpy" about not being able to buy gifts as i was used to.......


2Thinks said...

I agree: relationships are and will always be, more important than stuff.

Edie said...

What wonderful ideas Sonya! And the greatest relationship we can have is the one that we have with Jesus. My focus is to make Him the center of attention as I celebrate His birth and the life I have because of it.

Merry Christmas to you!

LivingforGod said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas! I posted something similar: .