Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday #46

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! If you'd like to participate, just copy the T.T. button on my sidebar and paste it into your post. Next write down five things you are thankful for this week. Finally, come back here and link up with Mr. Linky. It's that easy!

Here's my list for this week:

1) I am thankful that my husband stood beside me on Sunday as we watched four of our children being baptized. It was a proud moment and I was grateful that we had weathered the test of time and how proud I was to call him my husband and the father of my children.

2) I am thankful that four of my children were baptized on Sunday! It was such a proud moment for this Mom to realize that her babies are growing up and learning to love God in their own hearts. I look forward to the future knowing that they are committed to serving God with their lives.

3) I am thankful for the cooler weather. I am fair skinned so playing in the sun on a hot day is usually met with sunburn and regret! But playing outside in the fall - now that is my favorite thing to do, and my favorite season! I look forward to the changing of the season's with the colorful fall foliage.

4) I am thankful that my article titled, "From Rejection to Acceptance" will be published in the next issue of The Voice of Grace and Truth. This is a bi-monthly 20 page Christian newspaper. Since the trauma in my family life (my dad's stepping into heaven) I haven't been able to get back into writing. As a matter of fact, I had completely forgotten about submitting this article to them last year! God is so special to nudge me with this publication.

5) I am thankful for my church family. I have searched for a very long time to find the place that God wanted me to call "family" and I believe I've found it. This church is also our children's school and wow, they are precious to us. We do believe that they truly love us and are concerned about our well-being. There's no place like home. *smile*


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Sonya! That is amazing that 4 of your kids were baptised all at the same time! Praise God for this wonderful moment you will never forget!

Lovely list of so much to be thankful for!
Love Collette xxxx

LivingforGod said...

Congratulations on your children's baptism, your article publication, and finding the church that you love and that loves you! Lots to rejoice about :).

Nana Jul said...

I am so rejoicing with you over your children's baptism!! Jesus is the BEST! Congrats on your article! You have been blessed indeed!
Thank you for leading us in our thankfulness!! It makes me smile!!
Love Julie

Mary Moss said...

So excited about your article being accepted! I'm proud of you for ministering to others about your own trials and tribulations as a writer:-)

Yes, God is so loving and gentle to remind us of His purposes for us:-)

Greg C said...

Amen to that. My youngest son is interested in getting Baptized and will do that soon as well. I am so proud of him. Don't you just love this cooler weather?

Shelly said...

That's awesome that your children were baptized! Congrats! I am also very thankful for cooler weather. I LOVE IT! Have a great weekend!

Divine Mrs D said...

Congratulations on both your children's baptisms and on your article! What great things to be thankful for :)

Laurie said...

Hi Sonya,
How wonderful about your children's baptism. Also, congrats on your article.
Love, Laurie

Cheryl Barker said...

Wonderful stuff going on with you this week! So great about your kids. And congrats on the article!

There are times in my life, too, when I can't give my writing the time I'd like to, but it seems like God always honors the time I can give. He's so good to us!

Heart2Heart said...


A parent couldn't wish for a more prouder moment that witnessing your kids being baptized. How truly inspiring and emotional this must be for you and your hubby.

Thank you for sharing these blessings with all of us and congratulations for your article being published! Can't wait to read it.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

What a blessing Sonya.

Here's my linky:

I always look forward to what God will use you to bless us with. Amen.

Linda C said...

What a blessing with your children's baptism. Four of our children were baptized the same day also- and my husband was allowed to baptize them with the pastor and board's approval.
Then several years later he baptized the younger two, also. It was so special for us all!

Blessings to you as you continue to heal from your grief. I'm so glad that you have a loving family and church family around you...

Linda C

skoots1mom said...

i'm late...
my heading next to my name is incorrect but I noticed it as i was hitting "accept" biggy.

godsown said...

Hi Sonya

So much to be Thankfull for.....
Have a great weekend

From the Heart said...

I second everything everyone else said. What a great post of thankfulness.

Mimmy said...

Beautiful Thankful Thursday and Congratulations.

God Bless,

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat post, and congratulations on the article being published!! That is good news!

jamiely78 said...

I am so happy for your family ~ being able to watch 4 of your children being baptize together must have been amazing!

Congratz on your article.

LeeAnn said...

Hi Sonya!
I decided to participate in your Thankful Thursdays but since I am so new to blogging (just since Aug. 2009) I cannot figure out how to put your button inside my post. I was able to put your button on my sidebar. Hope that was okay.

Blessings to you,
Lee Ann

Spring Fricks said...

Hi Sonya,

It's so awesome to see what God has done in your life. What a testimony. Congrats on the article. I too have found it difficult to get back into writing but praise God he has given me new direction and I'm excited again.

BTW, I'm sooo jealous on the cooler weather. It's still getting up to 90 down here. UGh!