Sunday, June 14, 2009

HELP! My Life is Running Me!

"HELP! My life is running me, and I'm no longer running my life."

Desperate words spoken to my husband on Thursday night.

I have goals in my head that I want to accomplish, but somehow, I'm muddling through life busily accomplishing none of them. My biggest challenge is being a type "B" personality. I HATE lists, and have been fighting the idea of living life by a list for many years now.

First things first, I gave my husband permission to "solve" my problems because he knows that often times I just want a sympathetic word of encouragement. Next, I resolved to do whatever he suggested.

Why? Because he is a type "A" who has successfully run his own business for many years now. I knew he had the answers, but I knew I'd have to adjust them to fit a type "B" more comfortably.

"30, 60, 90," He said.

"What does that mean?" I questioned.

"You have to have direction, Sonya, and knowing what you need to accomplish over the next 30, 60, and 90 days is the key to taking back your life."

I quietly pulled out a notebook and began to write down everything I could think of that needed to be completed by the end of summer. Then I either wrote 30, 60, or 90 beside each one to help me prioritize them.

Looking over my arduous list, I developed a knot in my gut and thought I might throw up! How will I ever get it all done? I wondered.

Next, my husband showed me how to break down each project into measurable steps which I could transfer to my actual planner. (Yes, I do have a planner - just never used it like this before.)

Then, in an unexpected twist, my husband gave me the golden nugget that I had been missing in the past. You see, I've tried making "lists" on several occasions, but as soon as an emergency visit to the Doctor would arise I would abandon my list - the end.

Here's the nugget:

"Now prioritize each day's goals so you know which are the top three areas of importance. When an interruption comes in your day you will go back to your list and replace something of a lower priority with one of the top three. This should help you ensure completion of the most important things. The ones that had to be neglected for the moment can be re-scheduled for another day or time."

Tim had graciously given me the key to success. As a type "B" I had never understood how to handle the unexpected interruptions when it came to my list. Now, I believe that I am armed with the tools I need to accomplish much this summer.

If your life has been running you lately, I hope this article will be the nugget you've been looking for to help you take back your life, too.


Sara Williams said...

I am a type B person too.

With fighting breast cancer I have felt without purpose, direction. Reading your blog today has given me some ideas and I am going to follow your plan.

Watch my blog to see if I succeed!

Angela said...

I'm so like your hubby and LOVE lists,,LOL....Like you though, there have been times where panic attack mode would try to kick in when I saw that list and felt like I would NEVER be able to accomplish it all. Lately the Lord has been showing me,,"Angela, you have written down your list, that is a start, now just rest in Me and what gets done will get done, what doesn't, do not be controlled by thoughts of failure or not measuring up'.

We CAN do all things through we need to hand Him that list.. ((hugs))

Julie Gillies said...

Wow, Sonya, what great words of wisdom from your husband. I happen to be a classic "Type A" and always have a to-do list, but I appreciate his ideas on dealing with my most hated foe: the interruption. I know you can relate: writers need uninterrupted time, and that's hard to find when we home school.

Thank you (and tell your hubby thanks!) :)

Tammy said...

I so did this! I have had the list and planner but never used them. This way seems to making it easier to accomplish the tasks.

Thanks for sharing!

Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

I am joyful that your loving husband was able to help you in your time of need.

Heart2Heart said...

Isn't God wonderful in planning perfect helpmates to meet our needs when our emotions have a tendency of getting the best of us.

They become like pillars of strength at the time when we need them the most!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Chatty Kelly said...

I too am a classic Type A, and I definitely see the words of wisdom from your hubby. He is a good man, and you two are blessed to have one another.

B His Girl said...


I love your hubbie's words in your post title. This B is going to think about the 30, 60, 90 plan. I need a plan. B

Bonita said...

Slap a big, juicy kiss and hug on that man!

You have no idea how much I appreciate this post and his insights. I'm right where you are, so much to do and so many interruptions. Just yesterday I was asking/telling/pleading/commanding the Lord to help me simplify and know how to do what needs to be done and actully follow through on it. Today I read this timely word!

Thank you both so much! I'm printing it out and starting today.

Bonita said...

P.S. You do know that you and hubby could turn this into a dynamite article, maybe even a book, right? You know me, ever on the lookout for publishable stuff! lol

Greg C said...

Great idea. I will give you one other pointer too. Take a look at the bottom three things on your list. Do you really need to do them? If not throw them away. I have been weeding out the things that I know I would like to do but truthfully know that I will never get to them. So I get them out of my head and concentrate on the important things. You can always add them back in at a later date.

Alli said...

I am a type A personality as well. I can't sit idle... I make lists for my lists but since my diagnosis with breast cancer and now Chemo my type A has become a Type E, less organized and feeling discombobulated
Your hubby has great advice!!

Melanie said...

I may give this a try. I have things that need to be done but they are writing projects that have a date in the near future but "today." So I find myself doing less because I have more time since school is out and I am not teaching.
Sounds like a good plan. I always function better with a plan.
***That house below is gorgeous!

Warren Baldwin said...

My wife is the type A in our family; I'm the type B. Reading this I thought I was listening to her speak! Good advice.

Edie said...

I used to be an A and now I fit somewhere between A and B. Yes as a B my life has started running me. I like the way you put that. I think it's time for me to go make a list. :)