Monday, March 9, 2009

Testimony Time

Hello my precious bloggie friends! Saturday night my family and I went to see a special evangelist named, Todd White of Neck Ministries, at a local church. His focus is demonstrating God's love by using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I've seen many evangelists over the course of my lifetime, but he is different. Instead of wanting any of the "lime lite" for himself, he encourages others in the church to begin allowing God to use them to minister love around them.

Just before the Saturday night service, Todd went to Applebees with the local church's pastor's. While in the restaurant he had an opportunity to talk with the Hostess, Waiter, and Manager. God just opened the door and he had a word of knowledge about pain that the Hostess was having. Then he got her permission to pray for God to heal her. She was healed of extreme back pain immediately and was forever changed! At that point he spoke into her life and God began healing some personal heart issues within her life. He had a similar experience with the Waiter and Manager.

He didn't preach that they were sinners bound for hell, no he just loved them by expressing how much their heavenly father loved them. After giving the testimony, he pointed out that hundreds of Christians had probably eaten at that restaurant and not one had looked for the opportunity to minister to that hurting hostess. It was a sobering moment!

I am sharing this to say that we need to think outside of the box - get out of our comfort zone! Todd said that he doesn't do outreach (then he said that outreaches are important) because if he did, when he got home he would think he was done and turn off that switch, so to speak. He has a point. We need to learn to be God's mouthpiece, eyes, ears, arms and legs all of the time!!

I don't know about you but I can get very focused on the task at hand when I go places. I am praying that God will open my eyes to see what He sees as I go about my week this week. Even if I can share God's love with one hurting soul, it's been worth it.

Heaven is not our goal, crushing the works of the devil is our goal, heaven is just the final reward for believing in Christ as our savior!

If you are reading this post you need to know that God loves you.


Mary Moss said...

Heaven is not our goal, crushing the works of the devil is our goal, heaven is just the final reward for believing in Christ as our savior!

This is so important to remember! Thanks, Sonya

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Wow - that is amazing. So often we don't take the time to notice others around us that are hurting - physically, and spiritually.

Yolanda said...

Yesterday our sermon title was "Chasing Chariots" and it comes from Acts where Phillip chases the eunuch's chariot because he heard him reading OUT LOUD Isaiah.

Our Pastor encouraged us to be chasing chariots and this post caused me to reflect upon my yesterday.


B His Girl said...

Great thoughts Sonya. What a blessing to hear Todd's message. I am in the process of writing a post about the lime light and God is talking to me about 'out of the box.' Wow! You words are all over what the Lord is saying to me. Thank you for the confirmation. B

The Patterson 5 said...

Thanks for sharing what you learned this weekend and for the inspiration to get out of our boxes!

momstheword said...

Yes, so many times we get caught up in our own life and forget that we are to be lights in a world that is in desperate need of a Savior!

Spring Fricks said...

That's awesome! Praise God for that!

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Sonya,

You have a very beutiful family!! You all look very sharp in red! :)

Hey - if you get the opportunity, please say a prayer for the requests on our main page.

God bless you & yours,

Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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Andrea said...

Amen!!! We MUST get out of the box. Thank you for reminding each of us in the blogging world. GOD bless and thank you for praying for sitka.

Andrea said...

Amen!!! We MUST get out of the box. Thank you for reminding each of us in the blogging world. GOD bless and thank you for praying for sitka.

Sharon said...

YESSSSS, You are so right, like your husband this is what Brad and I have been teaching our friends and family's. I have NO problem walking into a store "and work it girl" Brad and will start up a conversation in line at a grocery store, or dinner, it just doesn't matter. Talking about the Love of Jesus Christ and then others listen join in. It's awesome.
I know you know this song, I go around singing it all the time.
"I'm not Ashamed"
I'm not ashamed to let you know
I'm not ashamed to speak the name of Jesus Christ"
Great song! If you don't have this song let me know I will send it to you in the mail.
Great posttttt
Blessing my friend my sister in Christ

Edie said...

This is an awesome post Sonya. I have been praying for God to show me how I can allow the Holy Spirit to work through me to bless others more. We each have spiritual gifts (the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit) that God wants us to use for that purpose.

Rich blessings to you!!

Melanie Dorsey said...

Amen to all that has been said above. Spirit-filled & Spirit-led everywhere we go.

Chatty Kelly said...

This is the same message I am receiving in teh study I am doing now (40 days of Love). Rick Warren says the first thing we need to do is SEE. Open our eyes to those around us.

If you have a chance, check out this song,called Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath. It fits with your message today.

Colleen said...

Sonya, Glad I came to visit your blog. Great post. I pray that we can all bring Jesus' light to others like others have done for us. Blessings!


Thank you for this important post. The Holy Spirit is an equal part of the TRINITY and so much abuse has come because of 'healing services' or 'false healers' - so people are afraid to believe what our Holy Spirit is able to - and desires to do when we ask and trust Him for that power to be released. The point you made about that man not drawing attention to himself but encouarging others to pray and believe - and release the power that is available for healing. Thanks for sharing this... so necessary!

Looking UPward and Choosing JOY,