Monday, February 23, 2009

A Birthday Celebration, and a Winner

I want to thank you all for leaving comments and linking to my 100th post on Thursday! I sure felt the love. And with no further ado I will announce the winner of the book giveaway, Colleen over at Thoughts on Grace! Please stop by to congratulate her. As soon as she contacts me I will send her, "For the Write Reason."

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday! I think that once you're over 35 birthday's don't seem to have the same excitement as they used to. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to be alive and one year older. I'm 42 and proud of my age. It's just that I don't like some of the new health issues I've had to face since moving into the 40 somethings. Nothing serious, just a few more aches and pains (and pounds!) than I'm used to. If you are also over 40 you will probably be able to sympathize.

Instead of focusing on the negative, I decided to consider God's role in my life. Here's a snipit of what He's done for me:

First, He allowed me to be born into a faith filled home. When I was a young girl (2 or 3) I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. My mom was a new believer and read that if you lay hands on the sick and pray with faith, they will recover. So she did, and God healed me!

Second, Even though I stepped away from my faith as a college student - God gave me a second chance at a happy marriage with my loving Christian husband, Tim!

Third, After the birth of my first daughter, I became deathly ill. After a grim diagnosis, God healed me, once again!

Fourth, God blessed me with SIX healthy children. Five daughters and one son. Children are a gift from God.

Fifth, After experiencing a family tragedy a few years back, God didn't leave me in my wilderness and confusion. No, He came and rescued me and put me back on the right path.

Sixth, God has sustained my marriage. While we've experienced good times, and bad. Sickness, and health. Richer and poorer - God has not forsaken us - our love is strong.

I am so grateful for my God! Here is the realization that I came to yesterday:

When God chose to breathe life into my being, 42 years ago, He already knew all of the mistakes I would make! He already knew all the sins I would commit! Even so, HE CHOSE ME!!!!!!! This is amazing love. Can I get a witness?


Mary Moss said...

AMEN and AMEN! This is such a wonderful and powerful testimony.

God does plan us and form us, walk with us and live IN us. He has since the beginning of time.

We are His Chosen people. Amen!

Angela said...

What a beautiful thankful post declaring God's power and glory in your life. Happy belated Birthday..((hugs))

Chatty Kelly said...

Yay! GOd is so good!!! And he loves you with all of his heart. You are blessed!

godsown said...


This is AMAZING......
With my sleepy head ( due to my midnightshifts since friday..) and a BIT upset that i couldn't sleep due to noisy kids and hubby......I start reading the blog of Julie who came to your TT and than i wandered to your post of today.........
Maybe it is that i'm also 40 plus...LOL ( so i can sumpatize .) BUT your "thought frame" is mine lately......." God's roll in my life" The spirit directed me to realize this to psalm 105 what i mentioned in my TT...
To me it is confirmed He wants us to testify about His indeed AMAZINGLOVE..
The song with this same title comes to my mind!

Let's sing this song to our Lord and HONOUR Him in all we do!!


Yolanda said...


The realization you came to yesterday is something that I came to realize while doing Believing God two years ago...and it causes me to well up every time I think about how awesome and good His grace, mercy and love are. What a mess I have been with a powerful message of who He is!


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday and what a wonderful post, isn't God soooo good. I think he made a wise choice in choosing you as well.

Julie Gillies said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you, Sonya. I hope you had lots of chocolate cake! LOL And unforunately, yes, I can relate to the over-40 issues. All of them. Blah.

But praise God anyway! :)

Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday! So fun to hear of the ways God has healed you. You are right, all glory is due His name!


Sue J. said...

Happy Birthday, Sonya!!

He is a God with amazing purpose and planning. He knew you before you were created, knew why you would come, what you would face and Who you would believe!! He walks with you now as assuredly as He has walked with you in the past and will...

And I'm glad He allowed our paths to cross!

Bonita said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was a happy one! My husband's birthday is the day after yours.

What incredible testimonies and how encouraging that God healed you so dramatically TWICE!

Hope you have a great week.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Sonya, Happy late birthday. I am joining the many others who are so so blessed by your life. You are such an amazing woman and I love to read your blog. I am so thankful that you started the "thankful thursday" posts. It has caused me to stop and think.

Praise GOd for your healing! If you haven't seen my new prayer page - stop in and take a look. It is for any needs, any time..

In Him,

Laurie said...

WOW! I loved your testimonies and reading more about who you are and what God has brought you though. What a beautiful reminder of how BIG God is! God is AMAZING! I am thankful God created you and has given you such a lovely family!

Edie said...

Happy belated Birthday to you Sonya! I've been missing everyones birthdays lately. :) I hope it was great!!

LisaShaw said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!
Happy Belated Birthday to you!
Happy Belated Birthday dearest Sonya!
Happy Belated Birthday to you!

and many more in Jesus Name.

I see we are both Feb. babies. Mine was the 9th and yes I can attest to what you said about being over 40 and the additional aches, pains and pounds. I turned 43.

But GOD IS GOOD INDEED and He's done and still does so much for us. I'm just always in awe and tickled pink that we have the honor of His presence in our lives. Makes everything else we deal with seem such a nonissue.

Praise the Lord and may His favor continue to rest upon you and your precious family.

Love in Christ...