Monday, December 8, 2008

Bethlehem Walk

Shalom! This was the greeting that we used and heard over the past 5 days. Several of the area churches joined together to create an authentic looking and feeling City of Bethlehem. Our home church, Salem Baptist, has built the city on their property. Every year, the people in our town come together to volunteer in the Bethlehem Walk.

This was the first year that we decided to join in the fun and volunteer to work in the Bethlehem walk. It has been such a blessing to our family! Being able to dress just as they did in Jesus' time and then to get into character acting and talking like they did made a real impct on our family!

The entire walk takes between 40 minutes to an hour to walk through. It starts off with the Roman guards demanding that you pay taxes! Then, you have a chance to walk through the town and stop at the different shops. Of course, the talk of the town is of the coming Messiah!

Then they try to find a room at the inn (of course, its full). Next you see the baby Jesus. Another scene is Simeon at the temple where Jesus was dedicated. The scenes continue until the death and Resurrection of Jesus! What an amazing opportunity to experience the true meaning of Christmas!

Last night was particularly fun because it SNOWED the entire night! I was working in the stables with my kids. The ambiance of the snow and fire pits just seemed to add to the total experience. We saw a record 2,900 people walk through last night! I think the snow excited everyone. :)

If you don't do anything else this Christmas, find a Bethlehem walk in your area and take your whole family. You won't regret it! You will walk away with a sense of what it may have been like when Jesus was born.


Spring Fricks said...

It snowed!!! That is so awesome! We have a Bethlehem walk in our city. We haven't been since our first born was 2 months old. We were talking about going this year and now I am truly inspired to go. Thanks for the pictures. It looks like it was an awesome experience.

Chatty Kelly said...

I bet your kids had a ball!! What a wonderful experience.

The Patterson 5 said...

A dear friend in my Sunday School class was there with her family! She said that it was so wonderful! What a great Christmas tradition! Thanks for blessing us!

Shanita Waters said...

That sounds great. Can you believe I've never heard of a Bethleham Walk? I sure wish I lived closer because I would definately bring the kids by for a stroll.


Cheryl Barker said...

Sonya, what a wonderful activity and ministry for your family to do together during the Christmas season! What a great memory maker for your kids as well -- good stuff! :)

B His Girl said...

Wow! It is a picture of how our walk should look. Jesus, the talk of the town and His coming again. Sonya, this sounds wonderful! Churches working together. Wow on that too!

Denise said...

That sounds so awesome.

Spring Fricks said...

Hi Sonya,

I have a question. I am just wondering if you received any emails from me this weekend. I sent two. I am just now discovering that no one is receiving my email and I'm trying to see how far spread the problem is. Thank you

sailorcross said...

This sounds wonderful!! I live in a small town--not far from the capitol of my state--and we have nothing like this at all!! I would love to be able to do something like this.

We have many living nativities, but this seems so much more inspiring.

I'm glad your family is participating and enjoying the Bethlehem Walk!!

We had snow--just a little--Saturday night, and tonight the forecast is for freezing rain--Oh, NO!


Greg C said...

What an awesome idea. I have never heard of such a thing but I will look it up and see if there is anything like that around here. Is that a real baby Jesus?

Peggy said...

Blessings Sonya...This sounds do amazing & inspiring! Truly puts you in the true Christmas Spirit!

I know we are just getting to know each other but I thought of you with this GRATITUDE Attitude and would like to invite you over for something special at my place for you:
Blessings Iris ...Such a generous give away!

I am not entering just here to give you something if you'd do me the honor to stop over:

momstheword said...

This is awesome. We did something similar once. BTW, I love your Christmas picture!

Edie said...

Wow I would love to see and take part in that. Thanks so much for sharing Sonya.

Truth4thejourney said...


Yes, they actually use a real baby to represent the baby Jesus. Let me just say that the kids who walk through are very impacted by that!

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Tag! Check out for details.


Sue J. said...

You talked this up, and it's so great to see the photos now--what a great idea and how wonderful for your family to have participated.

God says He sends His Word, like the snow, to cover the earth intentionally. That what He sends has purpose...His purposes! Truly, He brings purpose through the sharing of His story; great blessings all around!!

Tiffany Stuart said...

My husband and I were two of the wise men in a live nativity. Loved it. Such a great memory!

Kathy S. said...

That is awesome! You have to do alot of work and get alot of people together to help to put that on! And at this time of year...that is so cool!

I wanna come!