Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday #39

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

Welcome to Thankful Thursday! If you'd like to participate, just copy the T.T. button on my sidebar and paste it into your post. Next write down five things you are thankful for this week. Finally, come back here and link up with Mr. Linky. It's that easy!

Here's my list for this week:

1) I am thankful that my husband wants to solve my problems. He can't always come up with solutions, but often enough he is a great source of advice and encouragement. I can think of several occasions when he has given me the solution at just the right time.

2) I am thankful that I went to the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference last week. I learned a lot, made tons of new friends, and felt a fresh new anointing on my life.

3) I am thankful that God has sustained this blog over the past 3 months. I have needed more family time so blogging has been on the back burner and yet my followers are increasing and that is ALL God! (and all you of course!)

4) I am thankful that school starts on Aug. 20th. Actually this one is a stretch because it will be a difficult day for me, but by faith I'm thankful.

5) I am thankful that I will begin working with my husband at the office one day a week. This will give me more of a sense that it's our business.


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

So glad you enjoyed the conference it sounds ace!
Collette xxx

Lisa said...

I don't see Mr. Linky. Thanking God with you -

Laurie said...

Hi Sonya,
It is great to have a hubby who wants to fix your problems. I depend on Russell so much these days. I'm thankful for you sister. Love, Laurie

Laurie said...

Hi Sonya,
It is great to have a hubby who wants to fix your problems. I depend on Russell so much these days. I'm thankful for you sister. Love, Laurie

Kelly Combs said...

Don't be surprised if the tears fall on the first day of school. Just try to wait until after you drop them off. It's okay! And when you drop your littest off - okay, the flood gates will turn on. :-)

So much to be thankful for.

Greg C said...

Great list. I hate to say this but I mentioned #4 too. My oldest is a senior this year which is making me sad.

SusanD said...

So glad you gals had such a wonderful time at the conference. Great list! Blessings, SusanD

Yolanda said...

Did you know Laurie in person before last weekend? What a sweetie! Great list Sonya!

Tina said...

You did a great job this week! :) I am thankful for you! I hope that the kiddos starting school isn't too hard on you!

From the Heart said...

God bless you for doing the Thankful Thursday and may He help you with everything else you have to do as well as blogging.

Lea said...

Happy TT Sonya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day... I'm rejoicing with you!

Heart2Heart said...


I am so thankful that you have this going. It keeps our perspective on what is truly important in our lives and time to take them back in and reflect on them.

I too will be joining you with school but on the 26th. It just summer went by in a flash but I look forward to the many opportunities that lay ahead this year.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Katy said...

Great list! I have been spending lots of time with my fam as well and my blog... well, it's just been there, waiting on me to resume our friendship!

Leslie said...

Love your #3! What kind of business do you and your husband have?

Hugs and Blessings, Leslie

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Fairy cakes are just like cupcakes with icing on them, not very exciting I am afraid!
Collette xx

Julie Gillies said...

How fun to think you are working with your husband at home! You are co-laborers!

Wishing you a peaceful day on August 20th, Sonya!