Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunday Update

I wanted to give you all an update on how our last two Sunday's have gone. If you aren't familiar with what I'm referring to, please go back and read my post titled, Looking for Patterns.

The first Sunday we were armed and ready for battle! We had the kids set out their outfits for church and we all went to bed at a descent time. Then we woke up and my hubby said, "lets home church today". That was weird but we went with it. Turns out he wanted to take us all on a nature walk through the woods to a beautiful field where we had church. It was a special bonding time we will all remember.

It was during this last week that we both realized maybe God was trying to move us away from our current church. We had experienced such difficulties getting there and no one seemed to really miss it, not even the kids! After much discussing and praying we've decided to look for another church to call home.

Looking for a new home church is not fun, and not easy. This past Sunday we went to one of four possible churches. We were still prepared for battle and we had the kids set out their clothes and we all went to bed on time. The morning flowed so smoothly! We were actually laughing instead of bickering! It had been so long since we've had laughter on a Sunday morning. Turns out that this first church isn't the home for us. That's OK, we intend to keep searching until God shows us where He wants us to worship on Sunday's.

The exciting thing is that we have BROKEN the evil pattern that had gripped our lives for so many weeks! Victory is in Jesus! YEAH!!

Folks, if you have found a similar pattern of attack, pray and ask God for a plan to overcome the enemy. God is faithful to do according to His word!! Hallelujah!

Please continue to pray for us as the search for church is on. We will be out of town next Sunday and the following two we will be serving in the children's ministry at our old church. (We wanted to finish out our commitment there). So, I'll keep you all updated as the Lord shows us where to hang our hats.


Sue J said...

That you are all together, worshiping as a family, is a huge blessing in itself! The church search, otherwise, is really difficult without the Spirit's discernment. So, prayers for that!

P.S. I've finally posted those 6 random things. I think that puts me back at "base." Thanks again for the kind words!

Chatty Kelly said...

It is hard to ch-ch-change churches!! Trust me.

Finding new friends, having your kids enjoy it, finding out the "rules" of the new church (all churches have a slightly different take on things). It's tough!

So I will pray for you, even as I know you are praying for us as we also seek a new church family.

Jennifer said...

I will definitely pray about your church search! P.s. I finished my tagged entry...and I will def keep blogging.

On Purpose said...

Sonya thank you so much for blogging about this topic today. It's kinda of scary to me to be reading because we are finding ourselves in some "church issues" also.

May God remind us what really matters and that He is the only detail we need to know!

Becky said...

Looking for a new church home is so tough. I pray you find the right home for your family. I"m so glad you had a happy Sunday.


P.S. Your new blog design is so pretty. : )

My ADHD Me said...

I'm glad to hear the Sunday mornings are going so much better. I think it is SO neat that you all went on a nature walk and had your home-church that way.

Bonita said...

What your husband did with your family on the day you home churched sounds so wonderful! I bet it will be a lasting memory for all.

I'm so glad that the excitement for church has returned for your family and that you've found a way to approach the day on a more positive, prepared note.

How well I know the "stuff" of finding a new church! We've only been at our current church for about 16 months after being at another for 20 years. I'm believing with you that God will lead you to the perfect imperfect church for you. I say that because as you well know that anywhere you find people you will never find perfection, but you can still find God's will.