Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Part of a Team


I am still enjoying the victory of the USA in the Olympic men's swimming event. I've thought a lot about how fast Michael Phelps is and how talented, too! I've wondered what he must feel like, being the fastest man to ever swim - on record.

Then I started to think about Team USA. How did all of this make the team feel? Some of them won medals, but they were downplayed. I saw an interview right after Michael had won a gold medal and one of the Team USA men had won the silver, and they were asking the other men how they felt about Michael's gold medal! I have to admit I felt a bit sorry for them. Any other year they would have found themselves in the spotlight, but not this year.

Were they angry, disappointed? NO!!! Amazingly they were glad to defer the praise to Michael and his once in a lifetime accomplishments! I was impressed.

I began to think of my own life and my own friends. Do I get jealous of others when they are in the spotlight, and I'm not? Or do I gladly defer the limelight to them? God's word clearly points out that we are one body with many parts. Some are more glamorous than others, but all are equally important.

I want to be like Team USA, I want to be encouraging to my sisters in the Lord! After all, USA won, that was the point. In our spiritual lives, God gets the victory, and that's the point!


Melinda said...


"...God gets the victory, and that's the point!" Boy, that really puts the functioning of the body of Christ into perspective, doesn't it?

Love to you this day,

Sue J said...

I'm guessing Michael Phelps would not have done as well if he were solely focused on himself. When you are part of a team, there is a synergy that really is greater than the sum of the parts. I've definitely experienced that blessing!

Did you catch the story about Phelps giving up his spot 4 years ago at the Olympics to a fellow swimmer so that swimmer could participate and be in medal contention (which he was!)?

It's these examples of sacrifice and true teamwork that need to continue to be brought to the surface, and your spiritual reflections help us to see God's word in action in a memorable way.

Chatty Kelly said...

Excellent point! "To God be the glory."

Phelps teammates' story is similar to Shaun Johnson (women's gymnastics) getting silver after silver behind her USA teammate. I'm sure it was tough to always be #2 - but she finally got her gold.

Great insight today.

Debra said...

Yes! and Amen!! Thank you for this.
That's humility, for sure...

On Purpose said...

Hey girly God is speaking to our hearts in similar ways today!

Love and prayers to you!

Nicole said...

Hi Sonya,

I too thought this while watching the swimming. If it was any other year other swimmers would of gotten more recognition. I too was amazed at how they all were very supportive of Michael, and from the way it appeared they were okay with not getting to be in the limelight as much. Hmmm...that will make ya think. Yes, I want to rejoice with my friends just like Michael's teammates.


Sharon said...


Nice post, great wording you did on this. Like our jobs, he must be team players, when we do this it all works out good.. But it was so wonderful to watch and see there attitudes and how supportive they were for him.
Great Post, thank you

Elizabethd said...

It must be hard to come second....but that is what is so great about being part of a team, you feel joy for each other.

Edie said...

This is a very good word and I have to admit, I felt some conviction. There are times when I have found myself wanting the spotlight. Not so much jealousy but more likely pride (hanging my head in shame). Then when I get in the spotlight, I often find that I don't really like it. I'm learning.

I love your blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog and picking up a Scripture Tag and for your very nice comment. I'm always pleased when anyone wants one.

Now... I just have to wonder out loud... when did sagging swimming trunks become "in"? My goodness! :)

Have a great day! I'll be back to visit. I enjoyed this.

Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates said...

Good point and a good reminder!