Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holding Hands

Isn't it sweet to see a child holding hands with their parent. This is a picture of Tiff and Mom holding hands. Tiff is three years old and our years of holding hands are numbered.

This year has been the year of my calling. God has graciously reached into my life and prophetically called me into a ministry that I was created for. In His sovereignty He also gave me a warning, "In the excitement, don't step out in front of God."

This picture has such profound meaning to me. I know all too well, that when my children stop holding my hand, they tend to step out in front of me. If we are in a parking lot, stepping out in front can mean injury. I am constantly reminding my kids to let Mom go first, but without holding my hand, they tend to walk too fast.

We consider ourselves adults, don't we. But after my stern warning, I realized that in God, we aren't adults until we meet Him face to face in heaven. For now, God wants us to hold His hand. We are NEVER too old to hold His hand. In doing such, we ensure that we won't run out in front of Him and risk getting hurt.


Chatty Kelly said...

OHMYGosh - that was a great illustration! So true. God has also told me to "wait for him." I have a tendancy to want to run ahead as well.

This is a beautiful illustration for me to wait. Thanks!

The Patterson 5 said...

What a loving Father we have and what a comfort to hold His hand. I know what you mean though when we get too big for our britches we walk out into danger and risk stepping off the path He has marked for us. Thank you for such a precious reminder of whose we are!

Sharon said...

That was great, and such a reminder to myself, he has said this to me as well. I have had to slow down, because I was jumping ahead.. and he reminded me just that quick too. I do sooo much better if I remind my self "Relax God is in Control", Wait on him.
Have a blessed day

On Purpose said...

In my passion I tend to be holding His hand and pulling Him along behind me...while He is saying very loudly child please slow down I Know what is coming and you NEED to wait for me to go with you!

Thanks so needs to be drilled into my head and heart!

Starr said...

That was lovely!! And, a reminder that I needed today.

Jennifer said...

I read this earlier today. Later as I was riding home from a trip to the store with my family, my little brother included, I began to think about this again. My brother is just how you were destribing. This illistration really hit the point home for me! Great post!
Oh, thanks for your sweet comments. I always enjoy them!

Bonita said...

What a powerful picture analogy, Sonya! It gives me much to chew on!