Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why? or What?

Are you the type of person who likes to ask questions?  Do you analyze every trial in your life?  Then read on...

Do you think it's okay to ask God hard questions during a trial?

Since we are in a relationship with Him, the answer is YES!  We can, and should ask Him questions.  After all, we are told in James 4:2 that we don't have because we don't ask. God encourages us throughout the Bible to "ask" in order to receive.

But what if there are "right" and "wrong" ways to ask Him?

As a mom, there are definitely right and wrong ways for my children to ask me for things.  If they are rude or self centered in their request, I probably will not want to answer them.  On the other hand, if they  ask with a good attitude and are polite, I will gladly answer them. God must feel the same way.

Many of us are either currently in, or soon to be in a difficult trial in our lives.  Our first instinct is to ask a "why" question.  For example, "Why is this happening to me, Lord?"

Does the "why" question fall into a selfish category, or a pure heart category?

Let's try another approach using a "what" question.  "What can you teach me, Lord, from this circumstance I'm in?" or "What can I do to get through this trial, Lord?"

The "why" questions tend to be self centered.  Conversely, the "what" questions are of a pure heart, and God is delighted in us when we have pure hearts.

I encourage you to ask God questions - He desires that kind of closeness with us.  But be careful to stay clear of the "why" questions.

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Laura Emily said...

I loved this. Today at our Lentfest.com post we talked about despair, and how we are to approach God with cries and frustration and laments. Too many people put up boundaries between them and God.
Encouraging post, thanks for sharing!