Friday, March 18, 2011


A longtime neighbor and friend recently passed away.  He was in his late 80's and a Christian. 

How did he live that long?  I wondered.  Did he eat well, exercise? Surely he aspired to be healthy.

Being healthy is on everyone's minds these days.  Eating well, and exercising are key words in 2011.  With so many answers out there, the only question is: Are we willing to follow the guidelines to good health?  It will require sacrifice, dying to self and even some temporary pain as we pursue longevity.  

But like my neighbor, one day these bodies will give out, however, our spirit's will live on for eternity. Why isn't spiritual health a hot topic in mainstream media today? In light of eternity, shouldn't we be pursuing spiritual health?

To find out more about pursuing spiritual health, hop on over to Titus 2 In Action where I am the featured blogger today:

Titus 2 in Action


Homeschooling6 said...

Hi, Sonya, thank you for visiting my blog. Normally, I blog more about the children and their school ;) This was a weird, drama filled, stressful week =)
I'm enjoying your blog as well. I was in tears after reading about the Grinch Christmas post. Thank you for sharing.

Suzanne said...

Great question. Someone just told me recently about a friend's elderly mother who was dying, her whole life she kept denying Christ, just before she died, she said "I thought there would be angels..." Those kinds of stories, break my heart.
Maybe when we hear this, we will be compelled to be more concerned about spiritual welfare. I certainly hope so.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Good point.