Monday, June 28, 2010


Summer is finally here!  School let out and within one week we were on the road headed for Walt Disney World, Florida.  Ahhh, life seemed good. 

Vacation ended and the following week we spent at doctors appointments, and catching up on laundry and T.V., "Is this how everyone starts out their summers?"

Anyhow, next thing I knew, I had a list of summer projects on paper ready to be checked off. Life seemed good, until my son popped into the kitchen and said, "I'm bored!"

To read how this affected our family and what solutions we used, click on the link below to jump over to Titus 2 In Action where I am a guest blogger today.
Titus 2 in Action


Pattie L. said...

What a cute photo, Sonya. I'm sure you all had a blast. Are you going to the conference in Philly this year? Would love to catch up.

Have a great summer and enjoy those kids.

Pattie L.

ultra violet said...

hey sonia i love your did you do it?i love the info on your blog.its really touching.come see my blog too if you wish